Criminal History Declaration

The information which you provide to Absolute IT by declaring your criminal history will be used only by Absolute IT to assess your suitability for the various positions that we may consider you for. All or part of this information may be disclosed to Absolute IT’s clients. All information given is subject to the information privacy principles and other provisions as stated in the Privacy Act 1993.

By completing this declaration, you are stating that all information you have provided to Absolute IT about your criminal history is true and accurate in every way. Absolute IT will retain all information for future vacancies (permanent or contract). Should you wish Absolute IT to delete the information from Absolute IT’s database, we shall require written notification to do so.

You declare that the information you have provided above is honest and correct. You give your consent for this information to be used by Absolute IT to gather information about you for employment purposes. You also understand that if you have concealed or given false information and if you are employed by a client of Absolute IT then you may be liable to be dismissed by your employer without recourse.