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iOS and Android are operating systems which are concepts based on direct manipulation using touch inputs. iOS runs only on Apple hardware and is not for installation on non-Apple hardware unlike Google’s Android which can be freely modified and distributed by service manufacturers, wireless carriers and developers.

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What’s the difference between iOS and Android?

Simply, iOS is the mobile operating system used by Apple and Apple products like the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Android is currently developed by Google, and its applications are predominantly used on Android smartphones and tablets, with some laptops and desktop computers now also Android compatible.


iOS programming languages vs. Android programming languages

The main difference between iOS development and Android development is the programming language used. Android uses Java programming language which can be used for cross-platform development using the Java Virtual Machine or JVM. iOS uses Objective-C or Swift, which is exclusive to the Apple iOS platform.


Android testing and iOS testing

Android’s source code is released by Google under open source licences, meaning that the opportunities for Android development are much less restricted than Apple iOS whose platform is closed-source and distributed exclusively for Apple hardware. Due to the relaxed guidelines and design rules around Android application design there can be more issues, more frequently, during the testing phases of application development. On the other hand, getting an Android app tested and up into the app store is much easier than with iOS.

For an app to be accepted into the Apple Store it must first be validated. During that process a basic reliability testing and analysis will occur. Apple has very strict design guidelines, meaning all iOS developers follow the same design rules. This results in less UX design issues compared with Android.


Skills an iOS developer needs

  1. Swift or Objective-C Language – Swift and Objective-C are the primary programming languages for X and iOS software.
  2. Understanding of UX – and Human Interface Guidelines.
  3. Designing for mobile – with mobile and smartphone ownership overtaking desktop and laptop ownership it’s more important than ever for developer to have mobile design skills.
  4. Problem solving – developers need to have a desire for solving complex and interesting problem, and have a creative approach to solution design.
  5. Detailed knowledge of Apple’s iOS mobile platform – you should have a great deal of iOS knowledge from beta release testing, to finding bugs to platform restrictions.


Skills that an Android developer needs

  1. Good experience with Java language programming
  2. Understanding of UX & App security
  3. Mobile design skills – ability to incorporate design requirements into development effectively while still ensuring functionality.
  4. Comprehensive understanding of the Android platform, features, and restrictions.


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