Immigration Advice

We are unable by law to offer immigration advice and assisting with visas is outside of our scope of practice.

However, we partner with an Auckland based immigration consultancy, IMMagine Australia and New Zealand Immigration. They can provide you with their experience and professional advice on your visa eligibility, how the visa process works and then represent you in your dealings with the NZ government. We understand that recent changes to immigration rules can make the process of securing work and resident visas extremely complex and we believe that IMMagine can help you to navigate this part of your journey.

As a general rule employers want the assurance that you are serious, you qualify for a visa subject to having a job offer, you have a high standard of English competency and you are not far off from landing in NZ and being available for an interview.

What can you expect when you contact IMMagine?

  • You can go to their website and carry out a free preliminary visa eligibility assessment. This will take 20 – 30 minutes to complete
  • A licensed advisor will contact you and set up a time to consult with you (probably using Skype) to explain the next steps in the process, time frames and costs.
  • You can also initiate that assessment process by clicking here.