Check It Out: The Absolute IT Checklist

6-12 months to go

  • The immigration process can take considerable time, particularly for those wishing to move permanently. So start early by visiting Immigration NZ to find out what’s required.
  • For immigration advice and assistance you can contact IMMagine immigration consultants, one of our trusted partners
  • Open a bank account in NZ and start building a savings history with one of NZ’s largest banks –Westpac
  • You can arrange migration insurance 12 months in advance. If you want to know what it entails – here is a helpful short video from Migration Cover

3 months to go

  • Time to make initial contact with Absolute IT at Our consultants will start the ball rolling with help planning your timetable and starting your job search.
  • As suitable opportunities come to hand, our consultants can arrange interviews for you as soon as you land in New Zealand — or even sooner via Skype.
  • In the meantime, we’ll help you update your CV to suit New Zealand expectations.
  • Now’s a good time to book your flights (ensuring you have a return ticket if your visa requires it) and, if you’re on a working holiday visa, we recommend you buy travel insurance for the length of your stay.

1 month to go

  • Obtain references from your employers – you’ll need at least two references covering your last five years of employment.
  • Get your current banking sorted in terms of standing orders and direct debits, and settle any outstanding debts if you’re moving permanently.
  • Complete and send your tax return if required.
  • Book your NZ accommodation.
  • Open a Gmail email account.


When relocating to New Zealand you will need the services of a host of reliable companies. We partner with following reputable firms who we know will look after you: