Find your future in New Zealand

A smart move for your career, lifestyle and family

New Zealand is a favoured destination for people from around the globe – and with good reason! Famed for its stunning scenery, friendly people, and high quality lifestyle, New Zealand boasts a vibrant economy with innovation and cutting edge technology at its heart.

But, we are constantly short of one vital resource, highly skilled ICT professionals – so more and more New Zealand organisations are now looking overseas to attract the talent they need.

Before Your Arrival

Here’s what you need to do and when you need to do it by – before you travel to New Zealand.

Things to do before your arrival

Tips for Job Hunting in New Zealand

We’ve put together some tips to optimise your CV and prepare your interview answers for the New Zealand market.

New Zealand job hunting tips

Living in New Zealand

Can’t decide where to live?  Orientate yourself before you start looking at jobs.

Our guide to NZ's four largest centres

Immigration Advice

In need of a trusted immigration advisor? Our immigration partner can help.

Immigration advice and assistance