Our process

  1. Applying for a role

    Apply for an advertised job, or upload your CV as a general ICT job seeker via our website.


    If you’ve recently met with one of the Absolute IT team and completed our qualification process you can fast track to step three!

  2. Absolute IT interview

    We’d like to get to know you better.

    Time to set up a face to face or Skype meeting and get you to complete our qualification process

  3. Submitting your CV

    We think you’re a good match for a job.

    We would like to put your CV and our consultant’s personalised assessment forward to the employer.

  4. Employer interview

    Congratulations, the employer likes the look of your CV!

    The interview process can vary from employer to employer, but generally involves one to three interviews

  5. Background checks

    The employer thinks you’d be a great asset to their team, good work!

    Now we just need to complete a few background checks.

  6. Job Offer

    The employer is happy with your background checks and would like to offer you a role!

Get in touch to become
part of the Absolute IT network

We regularly hold networking events and provide industry news and insights via our blog, annual surveys & newsletters.

Plus, we are always available when you decide it is time to make your next career move!

Qualification process

  1. Complete the Absolute IT registration form
  2. Photo ID ie. drivers license or passport
  3. If you’re not a NZ citizen – proof of residency or work visa
  4. Proof of qualifications listed in your CV - scans of your certificates are fine
  5. Complete the Ministry of Justice - criminal record check form (we only submit this once you receive a job offer)

Types of interviews

  • Skype - remember to dress as if it’s in person
  • Informal meet and greet over coffee
  • One on one interview with employer
  • Panel interview
  • Behavioural interview – these are formal and based on how you acted in previous jobs

Background checks

We call our background check process Probity and it includes:

  1. Checks of any qualifications mentioned in your CV with the various educational insitutes
  2. Ministry of Justice criminal record check form submitted and any information disclosed to the potenial employer
  3. A minimum of two work references