Abbi Wessels

Candidate Manager

Originally from South Africa, my passion for problem solving first led me to study a Bachelor of Commerce in Financial management, focusing on areas such as finance, accountancy, economics, and business management. In late 2022 I journeyed to New Zealand and what a journey it has been!

I started my professional career in recruitment, where I discovered my passion for not only helping people, but for helping businesses. I quickly learnt that people are the driving force behind any successful organisation, and there is large importance in helping people to acknowledge the potential within themselves and be able to communicate this effectively to future employers. I have now joined the Absolute IT team in 2022 as a Candidate Manager and I’m excited to build my skill set in a new market with a great team!

To recharge, I particularly enjoy watching a good movie, tapping into my creative side through painting or heading to the ocean as a professional, beginner surfer!

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