About CIS Branch

This recruitment campaign, for the Communication and Information Systems (CIS) Branch within NZDF, encompasses three key areas: Service Management and Operations, Enterprise Products and Systems, and Service Portfolios.

NZDF’s 2025 strategic vision is to be an “Integrated Defence Force”, and CIS Branch will play a pivotal role in this.

From $600m warships brimming with complex weapon systems, to the fastest communication infrastructures in the country, you get to experience technology that you simply would not be exposed to in daily life.

If you are an IT professional looking for your next opportunity to work in an Agile Dev/Ops delivery environment, where you can put your experience to work and hone your skills in an organisation that invests in its people – and you are excited about being part of a digital transformation that has the potential to positively impact all New Zealanders – we’d love to hear from you.


The Defence Force protects New Zealand’s interests at sea, safeguards peace and stability within our neighbouring regions and further afield, and helps others in times of need with agile air operations across the world.

While the Navy, Army and Air Force may be more familiar to you, civilian personnel are also an important part of the Defence Force team. Civilian roles are non-military roles within the NZDF. They span various departments including the Communication and Information Systems (CIS) Branch, where these roles are based.