27 July 2020 · Absolute IT IT News Reports

Our latest Tech & Digital Remuneration Report has just been released. In it, we look into the impact of COVID-19 on the IT sector, and offer insight into some of the employment trends we have seen emerge in recent months.

Across New Zealand and around the globe, the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the way business is conducted, and it is providing new challenges for both employers and employees. While other industries navigate uncertain futures and cope with significant adjustments, the perspective that tech is not only surviving, but is thriving, in the post-COVID era is widely acknowledged. Of course, this reality varies from case to case but ultimately, tech is a safe bet.

Our latest data shows a 3.8% rise in median base salary for tech roles and a 2.3% increase in median base salary for digital roles, when compared to the rates recorded in July 2019. The national median tech contracting rate has made a slight 3.2% increase to $96/hour, while the median digital contracting rate has increased by 14.3% to $80/hour.

Despite the global impact of the pandemic on all industries and sectors, we have seen some stability or increases in tech and digital professionals’ income, which we feel adds weight the vital role that IT will play in our recovery. This places IT professionals in a stronger position to negotiate when it comes to role and salary negotiations.


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