1 July 2020 · IT News Reports

Our latest Auckland Regional Report has just been released and it is apparent that our tech and digital sectors’ fast pace and dynamic nature is a demanding environment for both IT employers and job seekers in the City of Sails.

Of course the report does need to be viewed through the lens of COVID-19 and while we began compiling this information prior to the pandemic, the data still presents strong insight into the Auckland IT sector job market. For example, as we emerge into the new normal we are anticipating significant investment in Cloud, Data and Security projects, skills already in significant demand and in limited supply. We also explore some data on remote working and post COVID-19 it will be fascinating to review the impact here.

We are seeing that the era of constant innovation and disruptive technologies is putting pressure on IT employers and jobseekers alike. There is a demand for skilled candidates who can help organisations execute digital transformation projects and develop cutting edge software solutions. We also discuss skill sets that employers are seeking out in order to navigate the post-Covid landscape successfully.

Employers in Auckland are saying that they are finding it harder year on year to attract and hold on to IT talent, who are often swayed to join competitors by promises of an increased income. Meanwhile, techs are under pressure to constantly skill up and career development opportunities are their primary driver when they look for a new role.

In this report we take a closer look at the most in demand skills from IT employers versus the skills available in Auckland, the key reasons why IT employers are hiring and what factors play a role in workplace satisfaction.


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