9 June 2020 · Absolute IT IT News Reports

Our latest Absolute IT Wellington Regional Report makes it clear that IT employers in the capital are increasingly under pressure as Wellington is feeling the effects of the booming demand for digital and business intelligence skills.

Over the last four years there has been a steady increase in Wellington employers stating that they find it harder to source and retain tech and digital talent. Currently, 44% of Wellington employers say that it is harder to source tech and digital talent compared to a year ago; this is a 4% increase from 2019’s report.

Challenging market for IT employers

“There is a huge appetite for candidates with skills that can help organisations with their digital transformation projects, data storage solutions, data security and data analysis challenges as well as the automation of their processes.

We have certainly found that candidates with these skill sets are in such high demand that when they want to change jobs, they usually have several job offers to choose from and employers have to act fast and put their best offer on the table to stand a chance to attract these candidates,” says Sarah Bills, Regional Manager for Wellington at Absolute IT.

Skills in Demand

Once again, Project Management, Business Analysis and Software Development top the list of in demand skills for the Wellington region. This is a stark contrast from last year when Agile debuted at the top of the most in demand skills list and Data/Database professionals at number four which shows that Wellington employers may be lessening their digital requirements.

What is particularly interesting is when you cross reference between skills available and skills in demand, a clear picture emerges of the skills gap in certain areas.

However, when it comes to cross referencing between available skills and skills in demand, a clear picture emerges of skill gaps in the region. When examined, it becomes clear that Business Intelligence, Data & Database and Digital & Cloud skills are the biggest pain points for employers as demand far outstrips supply.

“Wellington is a candidate driven market and we expect this to be the case for the foreseeable future. Savvy IT employers are using several strategies to attract IT talent. Non-financial benefits such as remote working, flexible working conditions and a fun and collaborative work culture are all softer perks that come into play when they offer a position.”


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