25 May 2020 · IT News Reports

Our 2020 IT Job Market Report has just been released. This report looks at what both IT employers and IT job seekers are planning for the year ahead. Amongst other things, we reviewed the tech skills most in demand for 2020, salary expectations, workplace satisfaction and hiring trends for the sector.

It is important to note that we began compiling information for this report before the wide-reaching effects of Covid-19 began to impact New Zealand. While the effects of this global pandemic will be felt across the sector, many organisations are still waiting to fully understand what this impact will look like for them. This report focuses on a range of insights and trends that we believe are still a useful barometer for employers when reflecting on the IT Job Market in New Zealand.

Money matters

While money was the most important driver for IT professionals, other factors such as challenging work and flexible working options also played a major role when considering new job opportunities. This was particularly true for Baby Boomers who rate challenging work higher than base salary when it comes to considering a job offer.

This was great news for IT employers who wanted to attract IT talent but may not have been able to compete when it came to salary packages. If career development and challenging work can be offered then there is potential for candidates to be more attracted to an organisation.

IT Employers under pressure

Almost a third of IT employers (31%) reported that they found it harder to attract IT talent than a year ago; this is up 3% from 2018’s figures (28%). Not only did they find it harder to attract talent, it also seems that they were under financial pressure as just over a quarter of employers (36%) stated that budget constraints and funding was their biggest business challenge for the year ahead.

Remote working has become a not so remote possibility

Our survey found that IT professionals still rated flexible working conditions as their top non-financial benefit, and the option to work remotely came in at a close second. As the demand for remote working from tech professionals was on the rise and more tech employers are offering it, we take a closer look at the different remote working options that are on offer and the impact it has on team dynamics.

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, many tech and digital professionals did find themselves working remotely with more flexibility to adjust their hours to suit their lifestyle. We will be interested to see how many IT employers will continue to include remote working as part of their offering moving forward.

Spotlight on internships

Offering an internship program has been cited as one way to upskill recent tech graduates effectively and reduce the IT skills gap. Once again, we have done a special focus piece on IT internships and the experiences from both IT employers and IT job seekers, looking at the value add on both sides.


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