19 September 2019 · Absolute IT

Our latest Absolute IT Christchurch Regional Report found that while the tech sector here is showing solid growth, Christchurch businesses are reporting that it is tough out there, with talent often in short supply and budget constraints making it hard to attract and retain tech talent. From the Report it is clear that there is a shortage of digital and agile talent in this region, and that this shortfall between demand and supply is driving salaries up for these sought after skills. This is a trend that we are observing across New Zealand.

Skills in demand

Top 10 skills that IT employers in Christchurch want to recruit are:

  1. Software Development
  2. Business Analysis
  3. Testing/QA
  4. Support/Help desk
  5. Networking/Infrastructure
  6. Digital/Cloud
  7. Project Management
  8. Agile
  9. Architecture
  10. Business Intelligence

When cross-referencing the skills in-demand with the skills available in Christchurch it is clear that Business Analysis, Digital, Agile and Architecture skills are the biggest pain points for  employers, with demand far outstripping supply.

Happy workers

Overall job seekers in Christchurch rate their workplaces as good places to work and 40% of techs here say that they have above average work/life balance. Flexible working hours, career development opportunities and remote working rate as the top non-financial benefits for techs here.

Techs rate career development and challenging work as their number one motivating factor to change jobs. Career development as change agent is a trend that we are seeing across New Zealand over the last year. Techs are feeling the pressure to not only keep up, but skill up as digital transformation and new disruptive technologies are continually changing the rules and job security is never guaranteed.

The median base salary for Christchurch is currently $84,000 and the median contracting rate is $80/hour.

Download the full Report here.