23 July 2019 · Absolute IT Reports

The July 2019 Absolute IT Remuneration Report shows that the national median base salary is on the rise again, at $92,000 it is up 2% from the $90,000 recorded in July last year. The national median contracting rate of $100/hour has been stable over the past 18 months, after a previous eighteen month run of 5% increase every six months.

Wellington is still the region that offers IT techs the highest remuneration rates New Zealand with a median base salary of $100,000 and a $110/hour median contracting rate. Auckland comes in second with a median base salary of $90,000 and a median contracting rate of $100/hour.

In the regions we are seeing an increase in salary rates but a decrease in contracting rates. Hamilton and Christchurch have seen some solid increases in their median base salary rates while their median contracting rates have both gone down. The median base salary for Hamilton is $85,000 (up 4%) and for Christchurch it is $84,000 (up 5%). The median contracting rate in Hamilton is $80/hour (it was $85/hour in July 2018) and in Christchurch it is also at $80/hour ($95/hour in July 2018).

When looking at the salary rates over the short-term (for the past six months) it looks like the upward trend is going to continue, with the median base salary rate from January to July 2019 already at $95,000.  The shortage of IT and digital skills in a sector that never slows down, and which is regularly disrupted by new technologies are all factors that are fueling this trend and putting IT employer budgets under pressure.

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