13 June 2019 · Absolute IT

It is clear from our latest Absolute IT Auckland Report that Auckland is still New Zealand’s tech powerhouse region. But its fast pace and dynamic nature puts incredible demands on both job seekers and employers as they strive to stay ahead or just keep up with the rest of the pack.

Attracting and retaining talent in Auckland

IT employers are saying that ‘attracting and retaining IT talent’ is their biggest business challenge this year. The second biggest? Money.

“Competing for scarce IT talent and holding on to those techs with high in-demand skills can put a huge strain on budgets and costings of IT projects for a business.  We are experiencing a strong demand for Agile, IT security, architecture, digital and cloud techs and not enough supply in the region, which puts employers under pressure to go the extra mile, or extra dollar, to attract these techs” says Steve Cotton, Regional Manager, Auckland at Absolute IT.

Remote working on the rise

Auckland also has its own unique set of city lifestyle problems such as the high living costs and some of the worst traffic in New Zealand. These factors have impacted on the way that employers structure their workplaces in the city of sails to attract the best talent.

“We are seeing a real uptake in remote working in the region, with almost half of IT employers surveyed (45%) offering remote working. So, while many people have moved out of Auckland to nearby cities, they still work in Auckland, only remotely, or they work from home, which is a huge lifestyle perk for techs,”says Cotton.

Keeping up with the Aucklanders

As employers struggle to secure talent to keep or develop a competitive edge, IT techs are also under pressure to keep up with the latest technology and digital transformation developments.

Although a good remuneration package is important to techs, it is not all about money. ‘Career development’ is the primary driver for Auckland techs when they consider a new job offer and for those techs who are thinking of working overseas in the year ahead.

“As the IT industry is constantly changing and innovating it puts IT techs are under continuous pressure skill-up to stay relevant and employers who can offer good career development prospects, or interesting projects, will be more successful to attract and retain their IT staff,” says Cotton.

Download the full 2019 Auckland Regional Report here.