27 March 2019 · Absolute IT

The 2019 Absolute IT Job Market Report has just been released, this report looks at what IT employers and IT job seekers are planning for the year ahead, their employment expectations and the work challenges they care about.

Most in-demand skills from IT employers

There is a marked increase in the demand for Agile skills from IT employers. For the first time Agile skills came in as one of the top three IT skills in demand for the year ahead, ousting project management which has historically always featured in the top three. This does not actually come as a surprise as Agile has become the methodology of choice for many of our clients who are busy with digital transformation or work in a fast-responsive digital environment. Software development and business analysis make out the rest of the top three skills-in-demand for 2019 list.


Employers under pressure

Almost a third of IT employers (32%) report that they find it harder to attract IT talent than a year ago: this is up 4% from last year’s figures (28%). Not only do they find it harder to attract talent, but it seems that they are under financial pressure as well as the majority of employers state that ‘budget constraints and funding’ is their biggest business challenge in the year ahead.


Remote working

While IT techs still rate flexible working conditions as their top non-financial benefit, the option to work remotely came in a close second. The demand for remote working options from techs are on the rise and more tech employers are offering it, with the mix of working remotely and coming into the office at agreed times the most prevalent option on offer.

IT employers state that staff retention was the main driver for offering remote working to their tech staff, followed by cutting of overhead costs and thirdly to attract staff from across New Zealand.


Spotlight on internships

This Report has a special focus piece on IT internships and the experiences from both IT employers and IT job seekers, looking at remuneration and the value-add to both sides.

The  2019 Job Market Report found that 43% of IT employers offered an IT internship over the past three years and found that overall their business benefitted from it, with the majority (95%) stating that interns added value to their business. IT jobseekers who have done an internship during their career also found that it was helpful and that it helped them to develop their skills to get a job.


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