27 October 2018 · Absolute IT IT News Reports

The latest Absolute IT Hamilton/Bay of Plenty Report found that the influx of people into Hamilton and Taurange in recent years is not only affecting the median house prices in these areas, but we are also seeing a significant rise in the remote workforce here.

Employers are cottoning on to the fact that a lot of IT staff can do their jobs from wherever they are, and that a traditional office setup with a cubicle and a desk is no longer required to successfully run an IT team or project. Technology tools such as Skype, Slack and Basecamp give techs the freedom to work from anywhere and still be part of a team, have meetings and collaborate on projects in real-time.

It also comes as no surprise that flexible and shared workspaces (an office space leased for a short period of time, whether on a desk-by-desk basis or on a larger scale with shared basic office facilities) in both Tauranga and Hamilton are also in high demand at the moment as savvy tech employers in Auckland are making use of these venues as virtual offices or meeting places for their satellite staff.  Our Report found that 84% of IT job seekers here say that they have flexible working hours and/or remote access.

Due to high market demand Hamilton’s CBD property developers are now converting old empty offices into co-working flexible spaces , a scenario that would not have made sense only five years ago. Developers here say that they are expecting a 40% rise in the demand for these types of co-working and short-lease spaces over the next 15 years.

This is a win-win situation for employers and techs alike, as employers are retaining their IT staff and keeping their overheads low, while techs can have more freedom and grow their careers while working from home or from a local shared office space.

Read and download the full Report here.