12 September 2018 · Absolute IT IT News Reports

Our latest Christchurch Regional Report highlights that the tech sector here is thriving and delivering for New Zealand in numerous ways.

Christchurch’s reputation as a place where innovation and bleeding edge technologies are part of its DNA is paying off, especially in terms of productivity numbers. In recent years New Zealand has been singled out by the OECD for not delivering on productivity growth, with below average labour productivity, but the Canterbury region is the exception to the rule.

Working smarter, not harder

Christchurch has been outperforming the national average by 15 percentage points since 2006 and has consistently exceeded national growth for professional, scientific, technical and retail services. International research indicates that innovation in business is a critical way of increasing productivity, and businesses in the region continually find new ways of doing things by harnessing new technologies and increasing their efficiencies.

The tech sector here is the second largest in New Zealand and it boasts a range of high-tech, innovative companies. There is a variety of software, hardware and engineering businesses that are leading the way across Australasia- and the world is taking notice. Yesterday, Seequent announced that a private equity company from Silicon Valley has invested over a $100m in their Christchurch based data science software company. Big global names such DXC, Allied Telesis and Trimble also have their NZ headquarters in Christchurch.

IT professionals outlook

While tech businesses do well in this region and offer interesting career opportunities, the salary rates in Christchurch is also competitive. The latest median remuneration base salary IT techs in Christchurch is $80,000 and $90/hour is the median contracting rate.

​Although money is important, Christchurch offers IT techs a great lifestyle and workplace culture. We found that 92% of Christchurch techs rate their workplace as a good place to be and 42% say that they have an above average work/life balance.

IT employers outlook

Finding new IT talent is not getting easier with 20% of employers in Christchurch report that it they find it harder to recruit year-on-year and 80% say it is the same. IT employers further rate ‘attracting and retaining staff’ as their biggest business challenge for the year ahead.

With 77% of IT employers planning to recruit and new projects the number one reason driving recruitment, this is a very tough and competitive market for employers.

Overall, it seems that employers treat their employees well as 92% of IT professionals rate their workplace as a good place to be and 40% of IT techs report that they have flexible working conditions.

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