18 July 2018 · Absolute IT IT News Reports

The latest Absolute IT Remuneration Report has been released and while the national median base salary rate has not changed over the last six months ($90,000) there has been a noticeable upward trend in the median contracting rate.

Over the last 18 months we have seen that contracting rates have steadily increased by 5% every six months.

In July 2017 the median contracting rate was $90/hour,  in January 2018 it went up 5% to $95/hour and now it is $100/hour, up 5% again. Contracting is becoming a very popular choice for IT professionals as it offers a some excellent benefits and perks for techs.

Wellington is the region with the highest median base salary rates and median bonus rate ($6,750) in New Zealand, while Auckland is the region where the highest percentage of techs receive a bonus or commission (29%). Overall flexible working hours is still the number one benefit that IT techs receive, followed by a mobile phone allowance and healthcare.


Download the July 2018 Remuneration Report