18 June 2018 · Absolute IT IT News Reports

Absolute IT released its 2018 Auckland Report looking at the IT sector, and specifically the latest recruitment trends in the city of sails.

Overall the tech sector in Auckland continues to be arguably the fastest-moving and most dynamic in New Zealand. A recent Grow North Report from TIN focusing on the tech sector north of the Auckland bridge found that north Auckland is home to 20% of the country’s highest revenue-generating technology export businesses.

It is also the second largest NZ region in terms of number of TIN200 ranked firms last year, and is the only NZ region that had double-digit five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for TIN200 firms, at 13.5%. International expansion is a key driver of revenue growth for companies in the region with Grow North’s “Fast Five” companies generating more than $90 million in revenue in the North America market.

For all its drawbacks of busy traffic, parking headaches and the high cost of living, Auckland still shines as an IT destination of choice for many IT techs in NZ and attracts IT talent from across the globe, as it offers so much.

Excellent salary rates

Auckland continues to be one of the best destinations for IT techs as it offers competitive salary rates and has cutting edge tech companies operating within its borders. The Absolute IT Auckland Report shows that the median base salary rate for IT techs in Auckland is $93,500: 3.7% above the national median base salary of $90,000. The median base rate for contractors is on par with the national median base rate for contractors at $95/hour, and almost a quarter (23%) of the workforce here is contracting.

Salary increases

It seems that IT employers and IT techs are on the same page where it concerns expectations of salary increases, with 61% of techs expecting a pay increase and 61% of employers planning to pay an increase in 2018. In 2017 78% of IT employers in Auckland paid salary increases.


Demand for digital skills on the rise

Project management and software development are still the most sought-after skills from IT employers, as they have been for the past few years, but we have a new contender that makes it into the top three in Auckland – digital skills. This comes as no surprise as we are seeing a strong demand for digital skills from employers across New Zealand, and we expect this trend to continue as digital continues to impact the world.


Flexible working options

The majority of Auckland techs (88%) rate their current workplace as a good place to work. Flexible working conditions is still the highest rated non-financial benefit, followed by career development & planning and additional annual leave.



Read and download the full Auckland Tech Report here.