14 February 2018 · Absolute IT

The 2018 Absolute IT Job Seeker Report reveals that while money is still a big influencing factor for IT professionals, the opportunity to grow and learn new skills can be a huge factor to keep or attract IT talent.

Money is not everything

As a group, IT professionals rate their base salary as the biggest deciding factor when they are choosing an IT job, but non-tangibles such as career opportunities and flexible working conditions also have huge swaying powers.

This seems to be especially true for the younger generation. IT professionals between the ages of 18 and 24 rated an employer’s ability to provide staff development and training as more important than their base salary, while all the other age groups consistently rated it second highest in the survey.

Flexible working conditions is still the number one non-financial benefit that IT professionals want, this has been a consistent trend over the last few years. Tech employers in New Zealand seem to be on board with this trend as 89% of IT professionals said that they have flexible working hours and/or remote access.

In terms of work/life balance 39% of IT professionals rated theirs as excellent and 54% as average and only 7% felt that they had poor work/life balance

Why the long face?

It seems that the age old adage of money cannot buy you happiness also applies to IT workplaces.

Not only do softer factors such as training and development influence new job decisions for IT professionals, they are also the biggest reasons for workplace unhappiness. Almost half (49%) of unhappy IT professionals rated ‘management style’ as the biggest contributor to their workplace unhappiness. The second biggest contributor was another intangible factor ‘workplace culture’ (24%) with ‘low salary’ (16%) lagging in at third place.

Crossing the ditch

Over the last three years the number of IT professionals planning to work overseas has been hovering between 23% – 25%.

Looking ahead for 2018, 23% said they are planning to move overseas, with the majority wanting to look for opportunities in Australia.


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