25 January 2018 · Absolute IT

The latest Absolute IT Tech Remuneration Report is live and there is a definite upward trend in IT salaries in New Zealand.

The national IT median base salary of $90,000 is up 10% from its previous $82,000 level recorded in June 2017. After drilling into the data, it became clear that the spike in the median base salary is mostly driven by increases in the following categories – Software Architects, Developers (Software/Front-end/Back-end/Full stack developers), Consultants and Network Engineers.

There is also a rise in contracting rates with the national median contracting rate at $95/hour, up 5% from the $90/hour recorded in June 2017.

A closer look at the regions

Auckland had the biggest jump in median salary rates, up 14% from the previous $82,000 to its latest level of $93,500. Contracting rates rose by 6% and is now $95/hour.

Wellington is still the region that offers IT professionals the highest remuneration levels, its median base salary rate is up by 12%, now $97,000. The median contracting rate in Wellington jumped 5% and is now $100/hour, the highest in NZ.

In the Hamilton/Bay of Plenty region the median base salary is up 11% to $83,500. It is the only region that had no change in its contracting rate, still at $85/hour.

In Christchurch the median base salary increased by 8% to $78,500 and the contracting rate is up 7% to $95/hour, on par with the contracting rate in Auckland.

Gender and earnings

At 22% women are still under-represented in the IT industry and their median base salary is overall 4.5% less than men. In 2015 the pay gap was 7.2%.



Wellington is the region that has the highest number of women working in IT, 21%. It is also the region that offers women the highest median base salary of $93,000, still 5% less than the median base salary of $98,000 recorded for men in this region.

In Auckland the difference is 5.5% between the genders, men earning $95,000 and women $90,000 median base salaries.

Hamilton/Bay of Plenty has an 8% difference in reported median base salaries, men earning $85,000 and women $78,000. It is also the region that has the lowest number of women working in IT, 16%.

Christchurch has the biggest gender pay gap with women earning 11% less than men. The median base salary for women is $72,000 while it is $80,000 for men.

Benefits and bonuses

Wellington leads the country as the region with the highest bonus rate of $7,000. Auckland and Hamilton/Bay of Plenty both offer a median bonus rate of $5,500 and Christchurch has a $3,750 bonus rate.

One of the biggest demands from IT jobseekers is the need for work/life balance. It comes as no surprise that flexible working hours is still the number one benefit in New Zealand offered to IT professionals. Mobile phone/mobile allowance and healthcare round out the top three benefits that IT professionals receive in NZ.

Absolute IT updates it Tech Remuneration Report every six months and captures the real-time contract and permanent employees’ remuneration details as entered in www.itsalaries.co.nz. For this Report we analysed over 4,500 salaries as entered over the last six months.

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