14 June 2017 · Absolute IT

The Absolute IT June 2017 Remuneration Report revealed IT salaries has come out of its slump of the last 18 months and has bounced back to its January 2016 levels.


“The national median base IT salary is now $82,000, a 2% increase over the last 6 months. This is the first time in over a year that there has been any movement in the median base IT salary range after staying stable at the $80,000 level for the last two reporting periods,” says Grant Burley, Absolute IT Co-Founder.

Not only is the median base salary up, there has also been a spike in contracting rates across New Zealand.


The Hamilton/Bay of Plenty region saw the biggest increase in median contracting rates, up 42% to $85/hour from its previous rate of $60/hour in January 2017.


“This region is also experiencing steady growth in its median base salary, up 2% to $75,000 from its previous $73,250 level in January 2017 and up 4.5% from its June 2016 levels of $71,750,” says Burley.


Auckland and Christchurch also saw strong growth in their contracting rates over the last six months, up 8% to $90/hour for Auckland and up 7% to $89/hour for Christchurch. Christchurch also has a slight increase in its median base salary, up 1% to $72,500.

“While Auckland had a substantial increase in its contracting rates, it saw a 3% dip in its median base salary rate from the January levels of $84,750, and is now at $82,000,” says Burley.


Wellington regained its position as the highest paying region for IT professionals with an $86,500 median base salary rate (up 3% from January 2017) and a $95 median contracting rate. It is also the only region that saw a rise in its median bonus rate, up $1000 to $6000.


Auckland still offers the best bonus rate of $6750.


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