15 March 2017 · Absolute IT

The latest Absolute IT Employer Report found that tech employers rate soft skills as the most valuable skills when looking for new IT talent.

“As IT is an integral part of almost all modern business operations, it is not surprising that tech employers are looking for candidates that have more than just the technical skills for the job.  IT projects are often complex and span across different business areas and good soft skills such communication and collaboration capabilities are essential to keep a project on track,” says Grant Burley, Absolute IT Co-Founder.

This sentiment is echoed by IT job seekers, who also rated soft skills higher than their technical skills to get ahead in their careers.

“As can be expected in our digital age, the appetite for tech talent is always high and continues to increase. Looking ahead, 79% of tech employers are planning to hire in 2017, a 3% increase on 2016 figures. The biggest driver for hiring was ‘New Projects’ (33%) followed by ‘Replacement of Staff’ (23%); this up by 5% from 2016 and is also the number one business challenge for IT employers, especially as some IT talent is in short supply.”



Taking a closer look at how IT employers are planning to hire it is clear that there is a marked difference between the public and private sector hiring intentions for 2017.

“Private sector employers are planning to hire 75% permanent and 25% contract talent and the public sector is almost split in half, with 53% planning to employ permanent talent and 47% contracting talent.”

While they may be split on how they will employ, they are all on the same page regarding the type of skills they are looking for.

“Business Analysts are a hot commodity and in high in demand across all the sectors, closely followed by Software Developers and Project Managers. These roles are crucial to running effective and successful IT projects and it is no surprise that 35% of IT employers in New Zealand are planning to hire these skills in 2017.”

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