14 September 2016 · Absolute IT

The latest Absolute IT Christchurch Report shows that the IT sector in Christchurch is buzzing, lucrative and set for future growth.


“The Christchurch high-tech sector contributes a total of $2.4bn to our national GDP, of which the ICT sector contributes a massive 71% ($1.7bn).  It is a region that is showing strong year on year growth and figures show that it is punching far above its weight,” says Grant Burley, director Absolute IT.


When you compare Christchurch with a big ICT region such as Wellington, its stellar performance becomes quite clear. While Christchurch employs 45% fewer people in its ICT sector, it generates 31% more GDP per person than Wellington.Tech sector GDP contribution in Wellington is $195,000 per IT professional, while it is $280,763 in Christchurch.


The Report found that IT professionals in the region are overall a happy bunch, with 86% rating their workplace as a good place to work and only 10% stating that their work/life/balance is below average.



Salaries are also on the rise. Since December 2015 the median salary for IT professionals in Christchurch went up by 6.6% to $75,000 per annum and 28% receive bonuses, up 6%.


“The shortage of IT skills is also top of mind for IT employers who stated that attracting and retaining staff was their biggest business challenge. We found that 18% said that, compared to a year ago, it was harder to find and attract IT talent, a sentiment echoed in Wellington and Auckland,” says Burley.


With regard to skills in demand, software development reigns supreme with business analysis, architecture and production and operations following closely.


“This is a region that had to face tremendous challenges over the past five years. While difficult conditions can be a downfall for some, it can be a propeller for innovation and growth for others. Christchurch has risen to the challenge and the stellar efforts from its tech community are setting Christchurch up as a burgeoning IT hotspot for New Zealand,” says Burley.


Download the Christchurch Regional Report.


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