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Whether or not you lived in Christchurch in September 2010, you know that the city went through one of the largest seismic events in world history. Since 4 September 2010, the Canterbury region has felt over 11,000 earthquakes. While the larger earthquakes have caused massive damage to New Zealand’s second largest city’s central business district, recovery work has been ongoing and the rebuild is well underway. What was once known as “the Red Zone” is now referred to as “the Rebuild Zone”. And this upswing isn’t only affecting jobs in building and construction: Christchurch is becoming the IT centre of New Zealand, competing with major cities here and globally.

Diversity Matters

New Zealand’s information and technology sector is as diverse as the people who come here to work within it. No matter what your IT specialty is, there’s a job for you in Christchurch in fields such as:

  • geospatial technology
  • telecommunications
  • agricultural technology
  • wireless infrastructure
  • biotech and medical devices
  • digital content
  • payroll


IT is a major business for New Zealand that contributed over $30 billion to GDP in 2014 alone and is set to grow at over 9% a year. Particularly worth noting is that IT exports have been growing at a considerable 14% per year, indicating that the industry is very outward focusing and therefore competes successfully with global marketplaces such as London and Sydney.


Christchurch’s IT companies have earned an international reputation for being flexible, resilient, adaptable and forward thinking. In fact, several global industry leaders have chosen Christchurch as a base for their IT operations, including the global IT services provider Fujitsu.


If you’re looking to kick-start your IT career, a move to Christchurch might be a tactical move…


Variety of IT Jobs

While the media have mainly focused on the growth opportunities for building and construction in Christchurch, there are a number of IT businesses looking for technology specialists. As technology advances this increased use of IT is generating growth across a wide range of skill sets such as:


  • software developers
  • mobile app developers
  • digital marketers
  • project managers
  • networks & infrastructure
  • architecture
  • business analysts
  • systems analysts
  • applications programmers
  • software engineering
  • interactive gaming

But even with this increase in jobs within the IT sector, there are still a lot of reported vacancies, more so than in any other sector in the economy. For IT specialists seeking incredible opportunities, this could be the time you are looking for.

Need more reasons before you move?

As the South Island’s largest city, Christchurch is the focal point for IT employment in the Canterbury region. It has one of the lowest rates of employment and the strong economy guarantees that there are plenty of jobs for IT specialists. Christchurch is the ultimate destination with the most diverse range of IT job opportunities in the South Island.


The $40 billion ongoing rebuild has undeniably boosted the city’s economy from a construction point of view, but the IT and manufacturing sectors are also experiencing strong growth.  Why? Well, Christchurch has a world-class reputation as an IT innovation hub. Its IT sector is New Zealand’s third-largest region for IT businesses and happens to be the country’s third biggest export. The South Island is much more than dairy and farming – in fact by 2020, IT is predicted to be New Zealand’s number one export industry.


The IT sector in Christchurch is known for developing innovative products and services to meet niche markets. It is flexible, resilient and entrepreneurial, creating a wide range of IT solutions and services for local and offshore markets, from Afghanistan to Australia.  Local iconic IT firms have become global leaders, creating Australasia’s most successful and innovative software, hardware and electronics. Firms such as:

  • Jade Software
  • Tait Communications
  • Dynamic Controls
  • Sungard
  • Trimble
  • Wynyard Group

and many more call Christchurch home. And of course, these larger organisations need the support of much smaller, niche IT businesses to help foster this innovative industry culture. The IT community in Christchurch is thriving, active and well-connected – and if you’re serious about IT in New Zealand, then there’s no place you’d rather be.

The Innovation Precinct

Despite being in the middle of a rebuild, Christchurch has a well-established, vibrant, and connected software sector that employs thousands of staff in over a hundred various organisations. It also has a wide range of companies that are specifically focused on supporting and providing services to the wider IT sector, including a number of smaller businesses who use IT to support the wider business community such as training and consultation, quality improvement and productivity, strategic marketing and technology strategic planning and scaling.


Due to all of this rampant IT growth, Christchurch has built an Innovation Precinct, bringing together a collective of tech-savvy companies working together and establishing themselves as the heart of IT in New Zealand. With initiatives to help foster smaller IT businesses and start-ups, the EPIC Innovation Hub offers cheap leases and encourages collaboration between budding IT companies and established behemoths making Christchurch the place to be for IT job seekers looking to make a name for themselves within the sector. This vital hub for the country’s IT professionals is the ideal home to seek inspiration and find work.


Time to Polish that IT CV

It’s been 6 years since that first devastating earthquake in Christchurch, but the city is rising above these traumatic events and building itself to be the next IT hub of New Zealand.


If you’re looking for an incredible career move in a family-friendly, connected and beautiful city, look no further than this gem of a city in the South. Think about how exciting it would be to be part of a rebuild of an iconic city. Not only will you be transforming your CV and your career, but you’ll be bringing your skills to the city in New Zealand that needs it the most. Now is the time to leave your legacy on Christchurch by helping it become better, bigger and stronger through its energized IT sector.


The future of Christchurch’s IT sector is exciting – if you want to be a part of that get in touch with us and we’ll help you make it happen.


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