31 May 2016 · Absolute IT IT News Reports

Our latest Absolute IT Auckland Report shows that IT jobseekers in Auckland are looking for more than money can buy. While a better salary package is still the number one single reason why Aucklanders will accept a new job offer (34%), it is down with a whopping 10% from figures reported in 2015.

On the flipside, there is a notable increase of 7% in the intangible and non-financial motivators such as ‘challenging work’ and ‘training and development’, which, when combined, rated the highest at 38% in total. The category of ‘challenging work’ came in second at 22% (4% up from 2015) and ‘training and development’ came in third at 16% (up 3% from 2015).

“It is the first time that IT jobseekers are rating the softer, intangible factors higher than financial rewards as a reason to accept a new job offer,” says Grant Burley, Director Absolute IT. “This is good news for IT employers, as it means that they don’t have to blow their budgets in order to attract and keep the best talent. Smart IT employers are offering meaningful and creative career opportunities to build a happy and loyal workforce.”

reason to accept job offer

The Report also found that attracting IT talent in Auckland is becoming a growing headache for employers.

“Auckland has a highly competitive skills market and employers are feeling the pinch, with almost a quarter of IT employers (23%) saying that, compared to last year, they are finding it harder to attract IT talent and only 5% say it is getting easier.”

In comparison, Wellington with its equally booming IT market shows figures that look slightly better, 19% of IT employers saying is harder to attract talent and 8% saying it is easier than a year ago.

The highly competitive talent market is good news for IT professionals in Auckland as employers offer a variety of benefits and bonuses to sweeten the pot.

“While the traffic may be hell, Auckland still offers the highest rate of benefits and bonuses to IT professionals in New Zealand. 28% of IT professionals receive additional benefits and bonuses to their salary package, with the median value of a bonus $6000.”

With regards to benefits, the quest for work/life balance still comes in as the top driver for IT job seekers. “Evidence of this is that flexible working conditions are the highest rated non-financial benefit that IT professionals seek. It is clear that employers are listening, with 83% of Auckland IT professionals stating that they have flexible working options and only 1 out of 10 rates their work/life balance as below average.”

top non-financial benefits AKL

This may explain why IT professionals in the City of Sails are generally a happy bunch  and 87% rate their current workplace as a good place to work.

“While Auckland is facing several challenges in terms of housing and traffic, its reputation as a hotbed for innovation, excellent working conditions and as the commercial hub of New Zealand will keep on making it an attractive destination for IT talent.

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