20 April 2016 · Absolute IT

The IT sector in Wellington is one of the best places to work in New Zealand. The latest Absolute IT Wellington Regional Report shows that the IT job sector here is dynamic, competitive and offers IT professionals the best salary packages in New Zealand.

Working in Wellington

In our latest Regional Report, we took a closer look at the Wellington IT job market and found that the year ahead is looking rosy for this sector. IT employers are budgeting for increases with an overall 93% of Wellington IT employers that will either give their staff a pay increase or are undecided.

Wellington salary increases


IT employers in Wellington state that their biggest business challenge is to attract and retain staff and rate business analysis skills as their most in-demand skill for 2016. For IT job seekers a better salary and more challenging work are the two top motivators when they consider a new position and ‘flexible working hours’ the top non-financial benefit.


Wellington region with highest IT packages


Living in Wellington

While the IT job sector is fast-paced and driven, the lifestyle in Wellington is relaxed, friendly and full of great activities to satisfy clubbing singletons, hipsters, caffeine fiends, foodies, craft beer enthusiasts, adrenaline junkies to laid-back family centred individuals. Even Australians love Wellington!


The cost of living in Wellington also offers more bang for your buck. Although house prices have seen a sharp rise over the past six months, the average value of a house in Wellington is $493, 236, still well below the national average of $559,492. To calculate the cost of living Wellington versus another city, click here.

Wellingtonians will tell you that nothing beats Wellington on a good day and that the city’s food, arts and leisure scene makes it the best place to live, even on windy rainy days. And yes, the words ‘the coolest little capital in the world’ does ring true.

Click here to read and download the full Wellington Report.