11 March 2015 · Absolute IT

From Lonely Planet to Vogue, Wellington, New Zealand is trending as the World’s Coolest Little Capital, and its success is not simply due to a brilliant PR campaign. Wellington is one of the best places in the world to live, and if you’re working in the IT sector in particular, it might be time you considered a move to this popular city!

Why Wellington for IT professionals?

Wellington has everything you need in a city: a great nightlife, an established and delicious dining scene, solid culture and art presence swagger with beautiful street art, and access to some of the most beautiful scenery you’ve ever seen in this part of the world. If you love the city and the outdoors, Wellington combines the two in New Zealand! In Wellington you’re surrounded by exquisite nature such as the Rimutakas, Kapiti Coast and Martinborough that are only an hour away in all directions!

In addition to these outside-the-city getaways, Wellington itself has wonderful nature walks for you to explore just minutes from your doorway like the winding trails on Mt. Victoria to the fern-lush bush walks at Otari Wilton. If you’re less into forests and more into the ‘concrete jungle’, just head into the city centre where you’ll find some of the best microbreweries and coffee roasters in Australasia! Get your arts and culture fix in Cuba St or spend serious dosh in the upmarket boutiques of Lambton Quay. Whatever it is you’re looking for, Wellington’s got it. And if you know IT like the back of your hand, then Wellington wants you!

IT Professionals in Hot Demand

IT professionals are in hot demand in Wellington, New Zealand, with new job opportunities popping up every day. While IT job numbers are up for the whole of New Zealand, Wellington in particular is recording the strongest growth in the tech sector with a whopping 4.8% increase in recent job ads.

Taking out the top spot regionally, 31% of Wellington tech employers are finding it harder to attract the IT talent they need this year and 70% believe access to suitably qualified IT talent is the biggest challenge for Wellington this year according to the latest Absolute IT Tech Employer Insight Report.

IT Skills in Hot Demand in the Capital

The Tech Employer Insight Report also shows that 85% of tech employers in the capital are planning to hire additional staff / contractors this year, that’s a 15% increase on 2014 figures and 6% higher than the national average. 44% plan to hire IT contractors and 56% permanent staff, a 6% increase in demand for permanent staff compared with 2014 figures.

The key skills sets Wellington tech employers are after this year include; strategy or consultancy, business analyst, project management, support/helpdesk, software development/programming, and network and infrastructure.


New to the tech sector and wondering what these jobs involved?

  • Business Analyst: Research the procedures an organisation uses, and decide help to determine which computer applications and systems can be used to improve business efficiency. Genius!
  • Project Managers: Are accountable for the success or failure of a project. Typical responsibilities of a project manager include; planning, executing and closing projects, managing teams and managing expectations.
  • Support/Helpdesk: Identify and the fix problems with computer hardware, software and websites.
  • Software Development/Programmers: Write, test, develop and maintain computer software programs.
  • Network and Infrastructure: Design, install, and configure computer systems, and the software/hardware that they run on. These innovative systems can be a simple office-to-office connections or a global network connecting offices across the world.

Wellington Employers Offer More Money

While we know that money isn’t the top priority for most tech professionals, it always helps. Wellington tech employers are significantly more likely to provide their staff / contractors with pay increases this year. With 92% either planning to, or undecided about giving pay increases this year, the odds are stacked in favour of most getting one.

Wellington also offers the highest median base salary at $90,000, ahead of Auckland on $82,500 and Christchurch on $75,000 according to the latest Absolute IT Remuneration Report.


Want to know more about Wellington?

Besides the beers and the coffee, Wellington has a lot to offer IT professionals who make the move. Entrepreneurs, researchers, tech gurus and artists have all discovered why Wellington is the place to be, so what are you waiting for? Anything is possible in Wellington!

Wellington offers many beautiful spots to sit and relax at lunchtime

Wellington offers many beautiful spots to sit and relax at lunchtime Photo credit: Gregory Bodnar via Flickr


If we haven’t already convinced you Wellington is a great place to live, here are some of the top reasons why we love the capital city:

  1. Your average commute to work is around 5 km. This means less time falling asleep on the bus and more time enjoying a long breakfast and a coffee at a bustling café. The CBD is just two kilometres in diameter, meaning you can walk/bike/jog to most meetings. Our public transport system is one of the best in NZ, too!
  2. The city is literally full of brainiacs. Wellingtons has a highly educated workforce.
  3. Wellington is IT innovation central with iconic tech based business like Weta Workshop, Weta Digital, Xero, and Pik Pok to name just a few.
  4. Business is booming in Wellington! Did you know that we had the most New Zealand companies in the 2013 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific index?! Yeah, we did!
  5. When it comes to quality of life, you can’t beat Wellington, just have a look at the Nielsen Quality of Life Survey and you’ll see we come out on top every time.
  6. You can actually afford to live here: house prices are in the $400k range. Wellington was rated the most affordable city in Australasia in the 2014 through the Mercer Cost of Living
  7. Nature lovers flock to Wellington for our walking and biking tracks, stunning waterfront and our 2100 hours of sunshine each year. Sure, it gets a little windy at times, but living in this city is a breeze!
  8. Wellington has more cafes, bars, breweries and restaurants per capita than places like Montreal and NYC. We’re not bragging but, ok…we’re bragging!
  9. From international sporting events like the Cricket World Cup and the Rugby Sevens to the World of Wearable Art Awards Show and Wellington on a Plate, Wellington really has something for everyone.

Convinced? Thought so. Get in touch with Absolute IT today, and we can start the process of helping you find your dream IT job here in Wellington, NZ.


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