5 December 2014 · Absolute IT

Opportunities Down-under

As the year comes to a close there will be a lot of people thinking about their plans for the New Year; is it time for a new IT job challenge? Are you aiming for a better work/life balance? Or perhaps you want to spend less time commuting and more time doing the things you enjoy?

While in previous years Australia has been seen as the golden goose next door, the tides have turned and New Zealanders (and many Australians) are realising the Australian dream is not as rosy as it once was.

With the number of New Zealanders heading to Australia continuing to slow to our lowest figures in 21 years, the number of ex-pats heading home from Australia is at an all time high. New Zealand businesses and Government are actively promoting our tech industry – the prospect of forging a great tech career in New Zealand is becoming a great option for many.

The Absolute IT team have seen an increase of over 400 percent in the number of Australian based tech professionals searching for IT roles in New Zealand, compared with this time last year.

“Although the vast majority of job seekers searching and reviewing job opportunities on our website come from New Zealand, the second largest group are Australian based job seekers. We receive over 5,700 hits each month from Australia,” says Absolute IT Director Grant Burley.

It’s not all about the $

While most New Zealand organisations can’t compete with their Australian counterparts on salary, New Zealand does offer an attractive lifestyle package.

“Tech professionals traditionally earn a lower base salary in NZ (when compared with Australia), however housing is more affordable, commuter times are less (so more time to enjoy the mass of leisure activities on offer and spend time with the family), tax rates are lower for high earners and tech employers really do listen to their staff and offer great flexible working options, “says Burley.

Attracting people around the globe

New Zealand was also recently ranked 6th place (ahead of Australia, Canada and Japan!) in the annual HSBC Expat Explorer Survey. The survey ranks the best country to live based on experience, economics, and raising children.

The New Zealand tech industry is continuing to develop and grow, driven by the explosion of new technologies, increased business technology needs, tertiary education’s focus on IT,  the success of our world leading tech businesses and the constant array of start-ups popping up each month.

New Zealand can offer IT professionals the full package.  A positive industry outlook, innovative job opportunities, a growing number of large scale projects and the lifestyle balance many are seeking.