4 November 2014 · Absolute IT

Money well spent – time to invest in yourself.

With a skill shortage and an export sector that is ranked New Zealand’s third largest behind dairy and international tourism, career opportunities are rife for New Zealand tech professionals.

“You need to take charge of your career and put yourself in the driver’s seat, don’t just sit back and wait for things to happen”, says Absolute IT Director, Grant Burley.

“Investing in yourself through professional development and certifications is key to climbing the career ladder. You’re demonstrating to potential employers you possess the desire to improve your skills and are an expert in your field”, says Burley.

If you are looking for an IT job, the benefits of investing in yourself are clear. Figures from Absolute IT’s annual Remuneration Report shows tech professionals with 10 years experience and a degree earn 12% more than those without a degree and the gap only increases as their careers progress.

Introducing DoBetter

For those wanting to tackle an industry certification or professional develop course, but aren’t sure where to start, DoBetter is an organisation you need to learn more about.

DoBetter is New Zealand’s first training broker, offering free advice to help support ambitious professionals make their next career move.

“We’re proud to have partnered with DoBetter” says Burley. “They are a great resource that can support IT professionals take their skills to the next level, while upskilling our tech workforce and helping to fill some of our skill shortage gaps.”

DoBetter can help take a tech professional from being great at their job, to being able to confidently take on a role managing people, projects and big budgets. They can turn years of tech experience into a recognised qualification and help direct those wanting to upskill and complete IT certifications in the best direction.

“When a job seeker is unsuccessful in their application for a role, we are often asked what they can do to ensure they nab the next role. DoBetter gives our team somewhere independent and reputable to direct those tech professionals wanting to upskill”, says Burley.

DoBetter specialise in:

  • IT certifications
  • Management skills – people, projects and money
  • Turning previous experience in qualifications
  • Industry entry training

For more information on DoBetter visit dobetter.co.nz