14 August 2013 · Absolute IT

We all know New Zealand has an ICT skill shortage – so you might be wondering how you can best position yourself to take advantage of this.  ICT is driving change in every sector, but which sector can offer you the best career opportunities?

According to a recently released government ICT report, some key sectors have experienced significant ICT growth in the last 10 years, with professional services, defence and public safety, education, health, media and telecommunications and utilities taking the top places.

Since 2003, professional services is the fastest growing sector – accounting for 52% of the growth in ICT workers. While media and telecommunications have seen the biggest proportional increase, with ICT taking over an additional 4.1 per cent of the total sector workforce.

According to our salary website itsalaries.co.nz, remuneration base rates have equally increased in these sectors since June 2012. Business and professional services experienced a 12 per cent increase, utilities a 11 per cent increase, defence a 10 per cent increase, media a 6.3 per cent increase, healthcare a 3.4 per cent increase and education a 1 per cent increase.

When compared against the national trend for the same period, which shows no change in the national base remuneration rate, the signals suggest these sectors are where you can find some exciting ICT job opportunities.

These sectors offer ICT professionals the opportunity to work on some world leading projects and be part of teams where ICT departments are no longer seen as service providers, but strategic partner across the full business spectrum.

You could be working on projects such as TVNZ’s Ondemand –  a product whose demand that has grown 41 per cent since 2012 and changed the way TVNZ delivers content to New Zealanders, or security software design company, Wynard Groups powerful intelligence-led software. Designed and developed to operate and connect risk management, intelligence and investigations.

Projects like these give ICT professionals the chance to work on tangible ventures that are effecting people’s daily lives and changing the way businesses interact and deliver their products and services.

The sectors that have experienced the biggest remuneration base rate decreases since June 2012 were construction and printing and publishing. “This illustrates the tough times these sectors have experienced post GFC. We would expect to see a significantly different result in 12 months’ time – a reflection of the positive impact of the Christchurch rebuild and now growing New Zealand economy.

Overall as an industry ICT is penetrating almost every  sector, it is no surprise the New Zealand ICT industry is rapidly growing – adding 1630 new jobs to the New Zealand job market in 2012 and now contributing 5 per cent to the country’s gross domestic product (according to the recent government ICT report).